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Code of Ethics


The Club of Ontario, recognizing its responsibility to preserve and protect the breed, has formatted a Code of Ethics to be adhered to by its members.


Each member will agree to the Code of Ethics annually at the time of membership renewal.

Violation of the Code of Ethics shall be reported to the Board of Directors who shall investigate, including interviews and correspondence both with the complainant and the accused, and on the basis of that investigation, direct, via registered mail, the member involved to rectify the situation.  Any decision may be appealed twice to a full membership vote, with majority ruling. Failure to comply with the directive shall result in the immediate expulsion of the member with subsequent publication of the expulsion to the members of the Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, and Dogs in Canada.


To insure the welfare of the Chinese Crested Breed, we agree to abide by the CKC Member Code of Ethics, and the CKC Breeder Code of Practice. As members of the CCCO, we further agree:

Maintenance and Sales

  • To maintain the best possible standards of health, cleanliness, safety and care of our dogs.
  • That if a, whether adult or puppy, is to be sold or placed, it will be under a written agreement documenting the specific terms of the transaction. Additionally, if a puppy is not to be used for breeding, a Non-Breeding Agreement will be filed with the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • To never knowingly sell or place any, whether adult or puppy, to any Pet Shop, Catalogue House, Wholesale Dealer, Broker, Auction, Raffle or Unethical Breeder.


  • To take appropriate measures to assist any in distress.
  • To display good sportsmanship and conduct, whether at events, in hotels or whenever in public, in such a manner as to reflect credit upon themselves and the Club of Ontario
  • To bear responsibility for the truth and accuracy of any information and or photographs submitted for any publication.
  • To refrain from making unfair and untrue statements about other members.
  • To respond with courtesy to information requests from the public about the unique features of our breed, care requirements and responsible ownership.
  • To participate in club activities, and volunteer myself in any capacity for which I am capable.


  • To breed only those ChinesecrestedOntario.coms that are healthy and of good temperament with an intention to improve the breed.
  • To keep alert for and endeavor to control or eradicate inherited problems that are particular to ChinesecrestedOntario.coms; which includes the screening of all breeding stock for hereditary problems utilizing the current available and generally accepted techniques. These would include but are not limited to: yearly CERF, BAER, Patellas, and prcd-PRA & PLL genetic status, through testing or cleared parentage.
  • That breeders, whether the owner of the brood bitch or stud dog, have equal responsibilities in insuring the welfare of all the puppies and remain responsible for those ChinesecrestedOntario.coms throughout their entire lifetime.